16 bit - where are you? (remake '95)

Ms. Perky : The way you expressed your opinion to Bobby Ridgeway? By the way, his testicle retrieval operation went quite well, in case you're interested.

12. In 1956 the AMA ( The American Medical Association ) instructed each licensed medical doctor that they could no longer classify polio as polio, or their license to practice would be terminated. Any paralysis was now to be diagnosed as AFP ( acute flaccid paralysis ) MS, MD, Bell’s Palsy, cerebral palsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Guillian-Barre, meningitis etc etc. http:///1Ml3rpX This was orchestrated purposely to make the public believe polio was eradicated by the polio vaccine campaign but because the polio vaccine contained toxic ingredients directly linked to paralysis, polio cases (not identified as polio) were skyrocketing…but only in vaccinated areas. http:///1WEHYzR Today most vaccine inserts declare paralysis as a potential side effect but “reframe it” as Guillian Barre or simply “paralysis”. This is purposely designed to obfuscate the public’s understanding of what causes paralysis, which is heavy metal poisoning plus vaccine induced autoimmunity……that ends with the body attacking and destroying its’ own nervous system pathways, in an rabid attempt to clean itself of the injected toxins. Guillian Barre and paralysis, as listed vaccine side effects, are also a way to get the public running east looking for a sunset, keeping them as far away as possible from connecting the dots around this medical polio obfuscation. Aluminum and mercury are ingredients in most (if not all) vaccines today and both are proven to cause paralysis and motor neuron destruction………..known as many different names, depending on just how much the science/medical authority figure in the room wants to lead you astray that day. http:///2kga3CL

A 4-bit image would be "2 to the exponent 4", or "2 x 2 x 2 x 2", which gives us 16. So 4-bits equals 16.

Atmel tinyAVR® devices are optimized for applications that require performance, power efficiency, and ease-of-use in a small package. All tinyAVR devices are based on the same architecture and are compatible with other AVR devices. Integrated ADC, EEPROM memory, and brown-out detector lets you build applications without adding external components. tinyAVR devices incorporate Flash memory and on-chip debug for fast, secure, cost-effective in-circuit upgrades that significantly cut your time-to-market.

16bit were an electronic music and production duo from London, ... Cobra/Jump/Can You Show Me What Head Is (12") ... 16 Bit Edition 1 (12") (2011) ...

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16 Bit - Where Are You? (Remake '95)16 Bit - Where Are You? (Remake '95)16 Bit - Where Are You? (Remake '95)16 Bit - Where Are You? (Remake '95)